The sacred Art of Drum Making

Dan Levy, native artist and traditional drum maker in a conversation with Rolf Bouman, founder of the initiative „Friends United“, Nova Scotia, Canada. Being a successful land developer and entrepreneur in Canada, Rolf Boumans true dedication is the support and friendship for canada’s first nations. For many years he encouraged and helped to indianer-kopfschmuckpreserve and foster the native languages, tradition, culture, art, dancing, handicraft and traditional music – achieving wonderful results. The art of traditional drummaking is dying out. Rolf Bouman asked one of the few remainig, still working drum makers, to manufacture a good number of the traditional drums, to send them into the world as messengers for american native music and spiritualism.

As he learned from Dan Levy, the first nations regard drums as the heartbeat of mother earth. And in fact, drums are, in countless varieties all over the world, the first music instruments of mankind. The sound of drums goes right into our body, heart and soul. It can be soothing and therapeutic, but also lashing, hypnotizing, mesmerizing, inspiring and stimulant. The sound of drums connects us with nature, our own nature and our mother earth. Nobody can elude from the sound of drums. Even not animals.
Interestingly, two well known healers from Germany, took some of the drums to analyse their effects on humans and their findings were astounding. The drums own frequency patterns are similar to the body’s own heart-frequencies. The native drums have a verifiable healing effect on our hearts.

Dan Levy and Rolf Bouman gave one of these drums to the basc soprano-singer Maite Itoiz and her husband John Kelly, who are reknown international musicians. They not only carry the message of the native canadian drums into the world, but also rehearsed an old, traditional native song, which they performed on request of Dan Levy, Chief Stephen Augustine and Rolf Bouman in the grand hall of the Friends United Cultural Center.
Enjoy the touching music and the sound of the sacred drum!
(ca. 22 Min.)